Sami Al-Khudri





Test Manager is a web based tool that manages assigning test suits to Test Engineers (TE).

There are two types of users, Test Lead and Test Engineer (TE).
Test Lead can manage and assign testing tasks to TE. Whereas, TE can modify the result(s) of the test(s) that are under his/her name.

What is the benefit of this tool?
Instead of using emails to inform TEs that there is a testing task for them, the TE can simply log in to the website and check what are the testing tasks assigned to him/her not only for the day but also for the entire week.
The tool stores all the information in a database that include all the testing activities that have been executed by the TE along with the results of the tests.
This comes very handy when a Test Lead or a Manager wants to find out what testing tasks have been executed in the past and by whom. They can also get some statistics about how many testing tasks each TE has executed and so on.
Feel free to try the demo that I have included on the right side menu. You can check out the Getting Started file (Help > Getting Started) to learn about how to start :).